Dr. Nadeem

Leadership / Strategy / Management / Marketing: Executive Consulting

Services - CEO, CBO & CMO: Leadership/Strategy/Marketing

Leadership & Marketing: Consultation


We provide game-changing results for individuals and organizations and support continued growth and development for executives.  To exhibit real executive leadership skills in business as a CEO, CBO or CMO, you must be a visionary, a strategist, a communicator, a coach, and a diplomat.  We will help you focus on the Vision / Mission /  big picture / ROI / Market Share upholding higher standards while wearing many hats with high-performance transformation. 

Product Development / Marketing Strategy: Consultation


We support a variety of industries and knowledge areas, including innovation strategy, portfolio management, new product processes, organizations and teams, tools and metrics, market research, and lifecycle management. Every business needs a sound product/marketing strategy/plan to survive. Starting from an understanding of your idea to target market to commercialization, we will help you develop the concept to launch the program with easy to follow steps.

Executive Training Seminars


 Become a "Customer Obsession Champion". We help you maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation & secure a competitive edge for your company.   Let us sit down with you and look over your Marketing / Business plan. Do you have questions about your current or future CEO  vision & strategy / CBO Operations Strategy / CMO Marketing strategy/leadership? Do you have upcoming projects/products that need a business/marketing push? With a seminar/consultation, we can get you on the right track.  

Our recent "executive training" seminar [March 2019] participants include managers /executives from Agilent Technology, UST Global, RingCentral, DisasterAware Enterprise, TapClassifieds, etc.